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The Jamie the Magical school Boy!
Just a update pic I haven't been posting lately and I've been watching too many Magical girl shows! :3
William Highblood
It's been a while since I've drawn him! He said also posted on my twitter

He's part of my original universe

William Highblood
Age: (to be determined)
Sex: Male
Height: 6'0 ft
Weight: 160 lbs

Likes: his minions, flowers from his garden, fruits, training, becoming stronger
Dislikes: humans, (some) demons, dark powers, meat

Powers/Abilities: William is a Elderon, a demon who uses light energy instead of dark. He is able to use dark magic but doesn't die to the magic being able to drive a elderon mad.
He can use a bow/arrow
He uses two large swords in hand-to-hand combat
He uses light orbs (which cause more of a burn damage)
He was trained in war techniques and was able to listen in on many war plans which made him able to make a "war plan"
Elderons are able to transform their bodies into large and more powerful creatures. Usually a mix of two or more animals. William transforms mostly into a bear mixed with a wolf (edgy I know). The most powerful a Elderon can transform into though is a Dragon, a very large dragon, but transforming into a dragon takes a lot of power, which is why he's storing the souls of humans to "aid" him with this transformation.

Flaws: William is very snobbish and isn't very likeable unless he tries to befriend you first (he helped out his minions which lead to him liking them a lot more). When William transforms he can only stick to smaller (small being about the size of a monster truck) without him having to use a lot of power. If he transforms into a larger beast it can use up his energy and make him weaker and if he were to turn back into his normal form he has the chance of passing out. His tactic is to destroy/kill anything before he loses consciousness (if he uses the larger form).

Personality: William is a cold and ruthless demon towards humans and despises the human race due to his past interactions with them. Towards demons he's much more open and caring though he can still be stern and cold. (WIP on personality)

Background: William is a Elderon. A very old demon race that used to roam the demon realm. They were a peaceful clan and welcoming to many demons who were in need. One day a human girl named Charlotte fell through a portal into the demon world by accident and the Elderons helped her. William, the clans prince was immediately infatuated with Charlotte and helped her find her way back home. Little did he know that charlotte was the daughter of a ruthless human king from the human realm who wanted to rule over the kingdoms across the land. After his passing it was up to Charlotte to carry on his legacy. She lead a army into the demon realm and slaughtered many of the elderon. She focused on reaching William to take him and some others prisoner but she hadn't realized that he army eradicated all of the elderon. She was furious with her men but the toon William hostage to perform as a tool for war. He was used for 6 years.
William along with other types of demons were used in Charlottes plan to take over the kingdoms which is were William learned of the Elderons forbidden power. Before the elderon were a peaceful race they were labeled as power hungry savages who "ate" the souls of man and demon alike. Though they stopped the practice of taking souls it hadn't faded from the Elderons blood.
William learned the power while out in battle when he captured the soul of a king, turning the soul into a orange crystal.
William hid the soul until he was alone and eventually absorbed the soul into his own. His horns grew larger and his powers grew more powerful. He was able to break his bonds and lay ruin to part of the castle. He ran to the office of Charlotte and killed her immediately without delay in his power mad state and fled the kingdom.
The husband of Charlotte had little interest and even sympathy for the demons used in the war and released them back into the demon realm. He made peace among the other kingdoms and things went back to normal throughout the following years.... until the return of the last Elderon.



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